Linear LED Lighting With Little Anvil's Timber Beam Pendant

Timber Beam Light No.1

How can modern lighting components be seamlessly integrated into authentic looking vintage industrial fittings whilst maintaining an ‘original’ feel?

Little Anvil’s range of Timber Beam Lights are linear LED pendants with an industrial twist. The old-worldly composition of timber and steel contrasts with the clean modern look of embedded LEDs in recessed aluminium extrusion. 

The steel work of our pendants is hand fabricated, blackened and sealed with linseed oil to provides a beautifully antiqued and aged finish. The rustic Cypress timber stock goes through a four stain process and is sealed with oil and wax. Each beam has the same colour tone but comes uniquely distressed. 

Efficiency of LED 

The LED strip we use has full dimming control and provides, on average, 2200 lumens per meter, making this fitting the perfect solution for decorative feature lighting or functional task lighting. We currently offer three different variations of the pendant with different dimming capabilities.

Wood Beam Pendant Light No.1 is supplied with the ability to dim via a 1-10v wall mounted dimmer, or choose not to dim.
Wood Beam Pendant Light No.1 - Integrated Dimmer features an onboard Art Deco style vintage dimmer built directly onto the timber - perfect for use over a bar or pool table.
Wood Beam Pendant Light No.1 - Remote Control Dimmer comes equipped with an RF 4 zone remote control with perfect flicker-free dimming from 1-100%. This is a great option if you have multiple lights you’d like to control via a single handset or don’t want to run extra wiring.


LED Colour Temperature

We currently offer 3 colour temperatures, cool white, natural white and warm white. Our cool white is an icy stark light coming in at 6000k. The natural LED strip provides a 4000k colour, getting as close as we can to natural daylight, whilst our warm white adds beautiful ambience at 3000k whilst still providing ample lumens.


As standard, our beam light comes with an overall drop height of 1500mm that can be adjusted shorter via the chain links. It can also be increased by using the options provided whilst ordering. The standard beam size is 90mm wide x 90mm high x 1200mm long. However, we can build these lights to other specific lengths or scale up to larger dimensions of timber, please contact us if you have an idea or require a custom build. All required lighting components come with either SAA, RCM for Australia and New Zealand, CE for Europe or UL listing for the US and Canada.


This light is perfectly suited for use in a multitude of environments. Due to the quality of light provided and warm tones of the wood, this would be ideal over a dining table, a bar counter, food service area, billiards or snooker table, passageway lighting or could be used in any environment that requires an authentic natural vintage look. It may also be suitable for use in areas where glass bulbs are not permitted and shatterproof requirements are in place.

We were recently engaged to provide multiple beam lights to be used at the recently opened Munich Brauhaus in Brisbane.  Designed by Inaspace and built by Unita Group, the base structure for the fit-out was the 1885 Allgas building in South Bank. The design was focused to highlight the eclectic combination of the bricks and to maintain the integrity of the heritage of the building.

By complementing the raw structure with a modern industrial look the division between old and new is striking whilst keeping true to the brand's identity.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our selection of Timber Beam Lights.