Bolex Paillard Super 8 Movie Titler

We recently acquired a bulk lot of vintage photography and cinematography equipment from the family of a retired teacher. Movie and slide projectors, editing equipment, signage, lens' and enlargers were all brought back to the workshop - much of which is still in beautiful operating condition.

One of the items that really caught our eye was an immaculate condition 1955 Swiss made Bolex Paillard Super 8 Movie Titler, complete with accessory kit and original boxes. The Bolex allowed the user to shoot accurately framed title and credit sequences on an 8mm pocket sized camera for movie projects, long before the world had ever heard of Premier or even Windows Movie Maker... Text would be painstakingly laid out with felt letters on a black velvet background, with scrolling credit sequences even being able to be achieved using ingenious accessories. 

Whilst we've been concentrating on scratch built projects recently, rather than upcycled lighting - we couldnt help but rewire this item for use as a desk lamp as it's far too nice to be sitting around unused in a box. Some of the functionality has been lost as we have introduced a small junction box, but certain titling jobs could still be achieved with this beautiful piece of machinery.

You can find a link to our desk lamp here, and if photography lighting is something that interests you, maybe you'll like our feature pendant constructed out of a Leitz Wetzlar Focomat.

In the meantime, sit back and watch a kooky arty movie on how to use the Bolex as a titler below!