Traditional Style Blackened Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Washers

Square head lag bolts, square head coach bolts, pyramid head screws, slotted head screws - these are all terms that you rarely hear at the local hardware store any more.

The world is full of pozi-drive, phillips head and torque screws - but you won’t find any of them here at Little Anvil. We supply a range of decorative traditional style black oxide anchors and hardware, predominantly to complement our range of industrial steel shelf brackets along with our other fixtures and fittings, but their application potential is endless.

Never again will you find yourself perusing the hardware store aisles thinking to yourself “these zinc fittings are going to stick out like a sore thumb, I’ll need to paint them”.

A Brief History

When machinists used cast iron and cruder forms of steel, square bolt heads were easier to make with the tools, metals and techniques of the time. Classic examples can be found on medieval doors, where the handle is fixed in place with square head bolts with the face of the door is decorated with them - a perfect visual for all the Game Of Thrones fans out there! As machinery became smaller and more compact, however, the hex head evolved to meet the need for more compact bolt heads.

The slotted screw was one of the first types to be developed, and for centuries it was the simplest and cheapest to make. The slotted screw is common in simple woodworking applications, but is not often seen in applications where power tools would be used as the driver tends to slip out of the head, potentially damaging the surrounding material.

Our Range

Our hardware comes in a black oxide finish. It is ideally suited for internal application and includes but is not limited to:

Square head lag bolts - Carriage bolts - Square head machine bolts - Slotted round head screws - Slotted oval countersunk screws - Pyramid head screws - Blackened dynabolts - Square nuts - Chain - S-hooks - Washers - Eye bolts

Shelf Bracket Screw Suggestion

Have you purchased some Little Anvil shelf brackets, or are you about to and need some help making a choice of hardware? Look no further.

If you are mounting your brackets into brick, concrete or block - we supply blackened head Dynabolts for both countersunk and non-countersunk holes that can be found here. If you are looking for a screw to go into timber/stud, we suggest our Oval Countersunk Screw, Round Slotted Screw or our Lag Bolt options.

Our bracket holes are designed to suit our #12  screws and our 1/4” lag bolts. The dimensions are all provided in mm and inches within dimensional drawings located on each product in the image gallery. For the wall mount, we'd suggest at least a 2" length in each option. For locating your shelving, the length will be dependant on your shelf thickness. Generally, they don't need to be too long as they will predominantly just locate the timber in place.

For example, if you have a 40mm thick shelf,  we'd suggest either a 1" or a 1-1/4" long fixing. This would give you either 20mm or 25mm of screw length going into the timber which should be ample to hold it in place.

You'll get the option to make the bracket holes countersunk or not once you add them to your cart. You just need to order the corresponding screws. If ordering our black oxide lag bolts, we suggest the use of a corresponding rub washer. You can find them here. Most timber framers insist on the use of a rub washer to avoid having to deal with a scrubbed finish - where the corners of the square heads come to bear on the last quarter-turn of the install. They are ideal for use with all of our square head lag bolts, square head machine bolts and square nuts.

Door Handle Screws

Pyramid Head Screws are decorative wood screws that attach hardware to doors, among other applications; hence the commonly used name - door screws. These are miniature square head lag screws, with a pyramid square head and no slot.

To complement our range of industrial door handles, we supply a range of vintage style industrial black oxide pyramid head screws. These come in a variety of sizes to suit various application such as furniture construction, woodworking projects, lighting design and any general vintage industrial jobs. These Pyramid head screws will create a more authentic appearance to your work. Find them here.

Our door handle holes are designed to fit our #12 pyramid head screw range - the length will be dependant on the thickness of your door frame. If you have any questions about our range of hardware, availability or need a suggestion - feel free to contact us.