Washer Mudguard Flat Steel Antiqued & Sealed

Washer Mudguard Flat Steel Dimensional Drawing Little Anvil Melbourne
Washer Mudguard Flat Steel Dimensional Drawing Little Anvil Melbourne

Washer Mudguard Flat Steel Antiqued & Sealed

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Product Description

A mudguard washer (also known as a penny washer) is used when an oversized outside diameter is required to provide an extensive spread of the clamp load. Other uses are as a spacer, wear pad, preload indicating device, locking device, and to reduce vibration.

Washers are also important for preventing galvanic corrosion, particularly by insulating steel screws from aluminium surfaces.

To complement our range of fixtures and fittings, we produce a range of industrial antiqued & sealed mudguard washers. These come in variety of sizes to suit various application such as furniture construction, woodworking projects, lighting design and any general vintage industrial project.

These mudguard washers will create a more authentic appearance for your project. 

For those of us who struggle with imperial measurements, we have included metric equivalents next to the sizes, usually in brackets [].

Currently we carry a limited range of sizes and a small amount of stock. We will continue to increase our range and stock levels over time. Contact us if you require a specific size not in the list or a larger quantity. Please allow a 2-3 week lead-time for delivery.

Please note that the finish may vary as this is an antique patina.

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