Steel Rings 5mm Blackened & Oiled

Steel Rings 5mm Blackened & Oiled
Steel Rings 5mm Blackened & Oiled

Steel Rings 5mm Blackened & Oiled

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Product Description

Our hand-formed steel rings come in two sizes and are available with an open end or welded closed, ready for you to attach to your project.

5mm steel rod is shaped around a form and then finished in black oxide to provide a beautiful antique finish. The larger of the two rings have a 45mm (1 3/4") o/d and the smaller has a 32mm (1 1/4") o/d. If you are searching for a more authentic looking handmade ring for your project, rather than a sterile looking mass-produced item from a hardware store, this may well be the ring for you.

Please note this product is usually made to order. We endeavor to ship this item within 1 week after purchase but it may take longer during busy periods. If delivery time is crucial to your project please contact us prior to ordering and we will do our best meet your needs.

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