Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun

So here it is, my first ever Steampunk build and I'm really quite happy with it. You may have read my other post on how I came across the Steampunk movement and if you haven't - and to avoid double up - you can find it here. Long story short, I'd never even heard the term up until a couple of weeks ago and then a chance encounter on a tram with a magazine made me realise that I loved the style and needed to make something. So this may well be the first of a few items of this ilk over the coming weeks and months. The other post has a link to all of the build photos and a little more background. This gun is loosely based on a Sterling Sub-Machine Gun and has a little bit of Star Wars thrown in for good measure.

The main components that I used are as follows; a telescope, candlestick holders, brass light fittings, valves, threaded rod, a vintage blowtorch, a door knocker, leather, brass tubing and a selection of nuts, bolts and computer parts from my hoarded items.

I looked at a million photos online of various people's Steampunk builds. There are some seriously amazing items that I could only wish to have built. I decided not to opt for the seemingly obligatory pressure gauge. There seems to be a few core items that come hand in hand with the movement - gauges, gold things, antique brownish wooden or leather stuff plus cogs, mechanisms and lots of really beautiful other trinkets. I felt that I already had enough going on with this item and decided to save the gauges for my next build which is already underway. 

Think Rocketman...

There's a link at the end of this post to almost 50 images of my gun. The detail on the eyesight and the rear thinner section has been based on lightsaber handles, I just couldn't help myself. There's not really that much more to say, I really enjoyed making this and could happily spend many more hours tinkering away in my garage on things like this. Finally, I knocked up a stand for it out of some wood, bits of a drillpress, a bracket, two circular saw blades and some leather - may aswell have it proudly on display!

Viva la Steampunk!

See loads more detailed images of my Steampunk Sub-Machine Gun here!!